Year 2015

22 November 2015 :
Malam Mesra MACP 2015
MACP had its 26th annual dinner and award show at the Royale Chulan, Damansara Hotel. The guest of honour this year was YB Dato’ Jalani Johari, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Communication and Multimedia.

Pn. Habsah Hassan, MACP Chairman gave a welcome speech which highlighted MACP’s activities and achievements for the past year, as well as challenges and aspirations moving forward. This was followed by the YB Deputy Minister’s speech which, among others, assured that the issues highlighted by Pn. Habsah Hassan were noted and will be addressed accordingly.

The night was filled with memorable performances by Hyper Act, LY and Riz AF, A. Ali, Bell Yu Tian, Haziq AF and Datuk Yusni Hamid.

Highlights of the night included performances by LY and A. Ali who are well-known as composers and lyricists, but displayed fantastic performances as well.

Finally, there was a special tribute to Shaharuddin Amin, this year’s Nadi Cipta recipient, by Haziq AF and Datuk Yusni Hamid performing some of his evergreen and classic hits.

The full list of winners and awards are as follows:-
1. Most Promising Young Composer: Amir Jahari
2. Most Performed Chinese Song: Quan Shi Jie Dou Yi Wei Wo Men Zai Yi Qi (全世界都以为我们在一起) (Peng Xue Bin (彭学斌) & Li Zhi Qing (李志清))
3. Song with Highest Foreign Income: Tian Hou (天后) (Peng Xue Bin (彭学斌))
4. Most Performed English Song: Rescue (Yuna & Chris Braide)
5. Most Performed Malay Song: Gadis Jolobu (DJ Fuzz, Waris & Hattan)
6. Most Performed Foreign Song: Masih Mencintainya (Chevra & Berry)
7. Top Local Publisher: Luncai Emas Sdn Bhd
8. Top Publisher (Overall): Universal Music Publishing Malaysia Sdn Bhd
9. Top Lyricist: Habsah Hassan
10. Top Composer: Edry Abdul Halim @ Edry KRU
11. Nadi Cipta: Shaharuddin Bin Mohd Amin
12 September 2015 :
Friendly Games 2015
After hosting friendly games with representatives from Astro and Media Prima for two consecutive years; this time around, the teams invited were from local councils, Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya (MBPJ) and Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya (MPSJ). Leading the team from MBPJ was Puan Zaharah Bt. Rustam, whilst MPSJ was led by Encik Saipudin Sulaiman.

Besides competing in badminton, futsal, pool and darts, the event was also a good way to foster and maintain good working relationship with the local councils who are involved in licensing business premises in the Klang Valley.

MACP was represented by composers, songwriters and artistes, amongst them were Datin Umie Aida, Shah Slam, Nomad, Neves Pretty Ugly, Hasnol, Royce Saayan, Mazin, Aliee Kaki and Genevie Kam.

Below are the winners for the various games :-
1) Badminton : MBPJ (gold), MACP (silver) and MPSJ (bronze)
2) Darts : MBPJ 2 (gold), MPSJ 1 (silver) and MBPJ 1(bronze)
3) Futsal : MBPJ (gold), MPSJ (silver), MACP (bronze)
4) Pool : MACP (gold), MBPJ (silver) and MPSJ (bronze)

Leading with 3 golds in Badminton, Darts and Futsal, MBPJ became the Overall Champion in the tournament. The prizes were presented by Puan Habsah Hassan, MACP's Chairlady.

The awards ceremony was followed by refreshments for all participants and guests, and the event ended with a photography session at 6.30 pm.
14 July 2015 :
MACP visits Ooi Eow Jin
After receiving news on the plight of MACP's founding member, representatives from MACP visited Ooi Eow Jin recently and gave a contribution to assist him and his family.

Pak Jin as he was fondly known during his RTM days, is showing signs of Alzheimer’s disease. Nevertheless during this visit, he could still recall his early days in RTM and old friends including Habsah Hassan, Tan Sri Ahmad Merican, Dato Johari Salleh and the late Alfonso Soliano.

Having spent all his savings to support his 2 sons' university education and subsequently their medical bills, it is most unfortunate that one passed away due to leukemia and another is suffering from brain tumour. With no fixed income after retiring as a resident pianist at The Majestic Hotel last month at the age of 77, Ooi will likely move to Penang with his wife and son.

Ooi's arrangements of "Cabaret" and "Big Spender" helped Sudirman win Bintang RTM 1976 and became a star. After leaving as head of the RTM Orchestra, Ooi moved to TV3 in 1986 where he composed and arranged music for the station until 1999. Amongst his notable compositions are Sudirman’s “Gerimis Di Lautan” and his first hit "Teriring Doa".

Having contributed a lot to the local music scene, it is heartening to know that many Malaysians have come forward to help Ooi in his difficult times and we wish him well.
15 June 2015 :
MACP's Annual General Meeting successfully concluded with members approving all the matters in the Agenda per the Notice of Annual General Meeting circulated on 25 May 2015.

Besides the Audited Financial Statements and the Reports of the Directors and Auditors for the year ended 31 December 2014 and the re-appointment of Ernst & Young as the Company's auditors, the members also deliberated and approved the 12 Special Resolutions on the amendments to the Articles of Association of the Company.

Polling was conducted for the election of Writer Directors and joining Habsah Hassan and Ahmad Shahadrian A Samad (who were elected last year) as directors, were Ahmad Izham Omar, Ang Swee Giap, Johan Mohamed Nawawi and Dato Mohd Nasir Mohamed. The Publisher Directors re-appointed were Chan Choy Fong (Warner Chappell Music (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, Foong Wai Heng (Sony Music Publishing Sdn Bhd), Teo Chen Shin (Universal Music Publishing Sdn Bhd), Yeo Lik Koon (Indie Works Sdn Bhd) and Jennifah Johari (Luncai Emas Sdn Bhd).

The casual vacancy for the local publisher director arising from the ineligibility of the nominated candidate under Article 39 (f) of the Company’s Article of Association will be discussed by the Board at the next board meeting.
11 - 14 May 2015 :
Cipta Ekspres 2015
This year's composers' workshop attracted 16 young and eager songwriters and was held at a new venue at Umang Umang Chalet Kuala Linggi Melaka from 11 - 14 May 2015.

The 4 days 3 nights event saw Anjang, Zizie Mansor, Errie Naham, Hunny Madu, Mark Adam, Nazri A lFarabi, AG Coco, Zydee One Nation Emcee, Aidil AF, Syed Env, Sam Kuman, Takahara, Art Fazil, Yasin Pitahati, Ammar Habir and Cat Farish collaborating for the first time to compose new songs.

Malaysian songwriting legends, Dato M Nasir and Fauzi Marzuki were appointed as Mentors to share their experiences and give tips to the participants throughout the workshop.

10 new songs were successfully created and showcased at the last night of the event. Despite the short time given to complete the songs together with arrangements by Along Exists, Wan Namiron, Bard Muffins and Is Wow, the participants took the opportunity to enjoy themselves at the beach, foster closer relationship with one another besides, creating new and expanding their existing network.

Lookout for the following new songs in the airwaves soon : -

1. Bila Kata Hati - Anjang / Zizie Mansor (Singer : Kumbang Bees)
2. Vibes – Erri Naham / Hunny Madu (Singer : Hunny Madu)
3. Di Sini – Errie Naham / Hunny Madu (Singer : Hunny Madu)
4. Terbaik Untukku - Mark Adam / Nazri Alfarabi (Singer : Mark Adam + Nazri Alfarabi)
5. Tunggu? – AG Coco/ Zydee 1NMC (Singer : Takahara feat AG Coco + Zydee 1NMC)
6. Sampai Mati - Aidil AF / Syed Env (Singer : Aidil AF)
7. AEIUO - Sam Kuman / Takahara (Singer : Takahara )
8. Sama Sama Gila - Art Fazil / Yasin Pitahati (Singer : Art Fazil feat Yasin Pitahati)
9. Hentinya Disini - Ammar Habir / Cat Farish (Singer :Takahara feat Ammar & Cat Farish)
10. Kopi O Manis - Sam Kuman / Zizie Mansor (Singer : Sam Kuman & Zizie Mansor)