Year 2009

4 December
: MACP Awards
This year’s awards cum dinner was successfully held at Sheraton Imperial, Kuala Lumpur Hotel. The event for all members, guests and media also celebrated MACP’s 20th anniversary.

To commemorate the close association between MACP and CISAC, CISAC also launched a bi-annual CISAC-MACP Malaysian Music Awards for Outstanding Contributions in the Development of MACP. For this inaugural award, 2 recipients, namely founding MACP Chairman & Vice-Chairman, Dato’ Freddie Fernandez and Mrs Beh Suat Pheng respectively received the awards from Mr Ang Kwee Tiang, Regional Director, CISAC Asia Pacific.

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4 December
: CISAC - MACP Malaysian Music Fund Award for Outstanding Contributions in the development of MACP
On the occasion of the 20th anniversary MACP celebrations held on 4 December 2009 , CISAC launched a biannual CISAC-MACP Music Malaysian Award for Outstanding Contributions in the Development of MACP.

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28 September
: Performing Royalty Distribution to Affiliated Societies
Affiliate societies should receive their royalty distribution by way of remittances into their bank accounts. If you have not received your remittance or the detailed statements, do drop an email to Ms SK Ng, Documentation & Distribution Manager at

This year, RM7.0m is paid out to our affiliates representing an increase of 58% over the previous year.
10 August
: New Members Briefing
40 songwriters & 1 publisher were admitted as MACP members on 6 July 2009. This brings MACP’s membership to 2,598 comprising 2,505 writers and 93 publishers. A New Members’ Briefing was held at MACP’s office to give an overview of MACP, its roles and responsibilities besides, procedures on registration of different types of works, notification of performances etc. All members are encouraged to attend at least one briefing as it will also give explanation on how the distribution is processed.

Members who would like to participate at the next briefing can register your interest with our Senior Membership Officer, Kak Shah at
28 July
: Royalty Distribution to MACP members
For members residing in Klang Valley, you can collect your royalty cheques and statements from MACP’s office. After two weeks from this date, all uncollected cheques, will be mailed to you. Cheques for outstation members will be mailed out within a week.

Every year, we receive a lot of returned mails or members complaining that they have not received their cheques due to invalid address or missing in post. Members are advised to inform MACP immediately of changes in addresses and contact numbers to avoid any delay in payment. A penalty of RM50.00 is imposed for reissuance of such cheques.

Members are also encouraged to ask provide us with your bank a/c no. for us to bank-in directly into your account at a service fee of RM15.00.

This year, 2,101 (LY : 1,940) members out of 2,557 members will be receiving their royalties. A sum of RM17.4 million is distributed, of which 43% goes to writers and the balance to publisher members.
24 June
: MACP’s 19th Annual General Meeting
This year’s AGM was successfully held to pass the following resolutions :

i) Approve the audited financial statements ended 31 December 2008 and the auditors’ report thereon;

ii) Reappointment of Ahmad Izham Omar and Tan Tiou Chong as writer directors and Carol Chan Choy Fong and Serena Wong Chin May as publisher directors. Three new directors were also appointed, namely Johan Nawawi (writer) and Jack Teo Chen Shin and Lydia Ong Soh Chen.

iii) Reappointment of Messrs Ernst & Young as the company’s auditors and to authorize the Board of Directors to fix their remuneration.

Pn Habsah Hassan, MACP Chairperson extended her thanks and sincere appreciation to retiring directors, En Mohd Hakim Lokman and Ms Janice Foong Wai Heng for their invaluable contribution and support during their term as directors.

Before the Chairperson put forth the motion on the first agenda, she briefed the meeting on the Company’s development and financial performance. The following salient points were highlighted:

a) The total income of the Company for the financial year ended 31 December 2008 touched RM30.0 million, an increase of 14% over the preceding year.

b) The broadcasting and general licensing sectors had contributed RM8.3 million and RM20.7 million respectively of the overall total income.

The publishers and the Company together with the recording companies had concluded the Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) for the usage of the digital music at the end of last year. In view thereof, the new media income of the Company would continue to increase in the following years and members will receive royalties from ring tones with effect from next year.

The total expenditure inclusive of the membership expenses showed a nominal increase of RM100,000.00 compared to the RM3.7 million growth in the Company’s revenue. Hence, the cost-revenue percentage for year 2008 had reduced to 10% from 11% in year 2007.

The Income before Tax of the Company rose by 15% or RM3.5 million as compared to preceding year.

The Company had distributed RM23.0 million royalties in the year 2008 which was RM2.8 million higher than year 2007. Of the RM23.0 million, 75% was distributed to local writer and to publisher members and the balance to overseas societies.
23 to 26 March
: Members’ Composition Workshop “Cipta Ekspres”
Unlike previous years where established songwriters such as M Nasir, Adnan Abu Hassan, Aidit Alfian, Fauzi Marzuki, S Atan participated in Cipta Ekpres; this year young and promising songwriters who are making a name for themselves in the current music scene took part in the workshop.

It attracted participation from 20 young talented members, some from indie bands collaborating for the first time with other songwriters/musicians. Amongst the participants were Mable Lew, Along (Exists), Hafiz Hamidun, Taja (Meet Uncle Hussein), Tony (Spider), Nur Fatimah, Pam Yuen, Sam (Bunkface), Damian Seet, Alim (Times), Musa (Exists) Shazzy and Ash Bau. The result saw fresh songs and lyrics being produced and performed at the end of the 3-day workshop! We heard a number of songs have been recorded and let’s hope they will repeat last year’s feat where several songs from Cipta Ekspres won AIM awards!
27 February
: New Members Briefing