New Media Licence

If you provide a web or mobile music service or if you have music on your website, you are required to obtain a reproduction and communication to the public licence from .
Examples of web or mobile music service providers requiring licences include online radio and online TV, digital music providers offering songs download, music streaming services, music e-greetings cards, online karaoke or games with music, mobile ringtones, podcasting etc.

Licensing Application

This licence covers the reproduction and/or communication rights for the online and mobile usage of music in the digital environment involving: -
1. Music downloads to electronic devices such as personal computers, mobile phones, tablets, portable media players, mobile gaming consoles
2. Music streaming (on-demand, interactive, webcasting) to electronic devices
3. Mobile ringtones
4. Online/mobile karaoke and/or games
5. Online radio (commercial and non-commercial radio including home studios)
6. Music on website
7. Music on e-greeting cards
8. Podcasting
You can download the Digital Licensing Form and email to
For more information and details on the tariffs, you can contact Ms Liee of our New Media Department at 03-62078638